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Living at The McAuleyThe best way to understand the spirit and vibrancy of The McAuley? Hear it through the words of our residents:

“We have lived in West Hartford since our marriage and wanted to stay in town in retirement. We knew about The McAuley, liked the location, and had many friends living here. We especially wanted to live in a facility that provided lifetime health care in the event either of us might ever need it, so that we would not become a concern to our children or each other. Participating in many of the activities here, and the social interaction, has greatly enriched our lives.”

— Bob & Barbara

“When you live at The McAuley, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are truly in charge of your life. All the convenient services you might desire are at your fingertips, so you can spend all of your time and energy engaged in satisfying pursuits. Plus, The McAuley Life Care Program protects your assets from the high cost of any nursing care you might need in the future. Being in charge of your life as you grow older means you will never have to impose on your children.”

— Charles

“After 15 years of retirement, my husband and I decided to move into a retirement home. The McAuley suited us to a ‘T’ with its location, health care, transportation, programs, and facilities like a beauty salon, gift shop, library, exercise room with personal trainer, space for a garden — even a café. Most importantly, when my husband became ill, he was cared for to the very end.”

— Georgia

“When I start thinking of all there is available for us to do here, well, it’s a wonder I have time to sleep!”

— Jerry



It is our Mission to empower individuals, restore health, provide comfort, and witness compassion and healing to all, especially the elderly poor.


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