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Home Care & Hospice Care

Here at The Mercy Community, we understand how important it is for many older individuals to stay at home as long as possible. We partner with our campus clients and their physicians to create individualized care plans designed to enhance quality of life and independence in the home and we provide companionship to clients who may be struggling to return to health. Through our Assisted Living Services Agency, we provide care services to our residents at The McAuley. At Saint Mary Home, those residents of The Frances Warde Towers interested in receiving home care services may also speak with our colleagues in Admissions and Hospitality about coordinating care in their apartments.

In addition, The Mercy Community excels at palliative care: the treatment and management of the pain that comes with serious disease. While palliative care is often a component of our hospice services, it can be used at any stage of illness. Given our goals of preserving the highest possible quality of life for our residents and clients, we consider palliative care to be a critical component of our work.

Hospice is a very special way of caring that recognizes dying as a normal process of living. At The Mercy Community, hospice assists residents in living as comfortably as possible, with quality and dignity, during their end stages of life.

Our hospice program is not limited to the treatment of a disease. Instead, it embraces the physical, physiological, social, and spiritual dimensions of the human person.

We seek to comfort residents and families by providing environmental enhancements, spiritual support, and effective pain management. Our colleagues are committed to providing each and every resident maximum comfort throughout the progression of their illness. The focus of our support is not only on the resident, but also on the needs of the family. We work closely with area hospice providers to ensure quality of life for all.

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Our History

More Than a Century of Tradition, Mission, and Compassion

Our History


It is our Mission to empower individuals, restore health, provide comfort, and witness compassion and healing to all, especially the elderly poor.